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Current Officers

Rolando Rodriguez (he/él)

Graduate President

MS – Information Science

What superpower would you have?

Ability to bend the dimensions of space-time  


Aaliyah Wynn (she/her)

Undergraduate President

BS Information Science



Andrew Price (he/him)

Vice President

MS – Information Science 

What superpower would you have?




Jaycee Sansom (she/her)


BS Information Science 






Hagen Mendrykowski (he/him)

Secretary and Technical Coordinator

MS – Library Science

What superpower would you have?

Teleportation– Beach trip every weekend (and I’d always be on time to class) 


Claudia Batts (she/they)

New Student Outreach Coordinator

BS Information Science

What superpower would you have?



Zoe Dilles (she/her)

Community Development Co-Chair

MS Library Science

What superpower would you have?

Mya McCoy (she/her)

Community Development Co-Chair

MS Library Science

What superpower would you have?
Apparition or to be able to speak every language ever

Past Officers


President – Angelique Marrerro
Undergraduate President – Advaith Deo
Vice President – Helen Sharma
Treasurer – Malarie Alexis
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Gwendolyn Yale
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Allison Ruvidich
Social Chair Co-Chairs – Karyn Hladik-brown & Madeline Miller



President – Jade Bruno
Undergraduate President – Carmen Silva
Vice President – Advaith Deo
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Allison Kittinger
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Sarah Wall
Social Chair – Justin Hackeling


President – Meg McMahon
Vice President – Teresa Phan
Treasurer – Emily Clinton
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Claire Cahoon
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Megan Boland
Social Co-Chairs – Kat Zimmerman and Kayla Dowdy


President – Rachel Anne Spencer
Vice President – Rachel Morris
Treasurer – Richa Kanwar
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Cait Kennedy
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Meg Foster
Social Co-Chairs – Amanda Haddock and Will Osborne


President – Amelea Kim
Vice President – Kelsey Hammer
Treasurer – Jessica Kincaid
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Tripp Tuttle
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Alyssa Spoonts
Social Co-Chairs – Brittany Soder and Tabitha Frahm


President – Natalia Lopez
Vice President – Jasmine Plott
Treasurer – Becca Greenstein
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Alena Principato
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Meggie Lasher
Social Co-Chairs – Elizabeth Bates and Elizabeth Grab


President – Amelia Holmes
Vice President – Sarah Thomas
Treasurer – Laura Fogarty
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Colleen Daw
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Rachel Sanders
Social Co-Chairs – Alex Japha and Elizabeth Shulman


President – Sierra K. Johnson
Vice President – Caroline B. Hallam
Treasurer – Kelsey Chandler
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Katie McNeirney
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Sarah Morris
Social Co-Chairs – Hillary Miller and Cathi Field


President – Robbin Zirkle
Vice President – Hannah Easley
Treasurer – Kristyn Saroff
Secretary  – Curt Alredge
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Erin Holmes
Social Co-Chairs – Sarah Bost and Helen Thomas


President – Chelcie Rowell
Vice President – Kate Barr
Treasurer – Kathleen Sullivan
Secretary  – Laina Stapleton
Webmaster – Kate McNamara
Social Co-Chairs – Alex Carroll and Amanda Hitson


President – Amanda Foster
Vice President – Beth DeBold
Treasurer – Brian Young
Secretary – Sarah Dooley
Technical Coordinator – Chris Weeg
Community Development Co-Chairs – Billy Cook and Page Laubheimer


President – Tyler Dzuba
Vice President – Elyssa Sanner
Treasurer – Winnie Titchener
Secretary – Julie Greenberg
Technical Coordinator – Brenda Cepeda
Community Development Co-Chairs – Tracy Jackson and Evan Watson


President – Julie Forster
Vice President – Emily Fisher
Treasurer – Jenny Stout
Technical Coordinator – Madhura Maranthe
Community Development Co-Chairs – Jennifer Thompson and Erin Griffith


President – Laura Westmoreland
Vice President – Meredith Sutphin
Treasurer – Tina Winston
Galley Coordinator – Jenny McElroy, Sarah Everhart and Allison Peacock
Technical Coordinator – Erin White
Community Development Co-Chairs – Samantha Guss and Erin White


President – Abbey Thompson
Vice President – Libby Gorman
Treasurer – Vedana (Nani) Vaidhyanathan
Galley Coordinator – Betsy Herzog
Technical Coordinator – Jonathan Morris
Community Development Co-Chairs – Jennifer Solomon & David Lawson


President – Megan Perez
Vice President – Cassidy Sugimoto
Treasurer – Betsy Appleton
Technical Coordinator – Brian Landau
Community Development Co-Chairs – Mary-Katherine Barnes & Josiah Drewery


President – Joan Petit
Vice President – Rosalyn Metz
Treasurer – Angela Bardeen
Technical Coordinator – Jon Ashley
Social Co-Chairs – Erin Gumbel & Gene Springs
SILS Senator – Erin Gumbel & Ashley Brown
Professional Development Co-Chairs – Monica McCormick & Jerry Waller


President – Marisa Ramirez
Vice President – Damien Berahzer
Treasurer – Larisa Good
Technical Coordinator – William Hannah


President – Amanda Wilson
Vice President – Marianne Gouge
Treasurer – Jean Ferguson
Technical Coordinator – Paul Chang


President – Julie Harris
Vice President – Ed Beltz
Treasurer – Ingrid Pohl
Secretary – Rachel Ferrell


President – Sambhavi Cheemalapati
Vice President – Kara Hyde
Treasurer – Becky Imamoto
Secretary – Suchi Mohanty


President – Donna Nixon
Vice President 
Secretary – Brian Hilligoss


President – Shayera Tangri
Vice President – Michael Kaufman
Treasurer – Aletha Andrew
Secretary – Emily Brassell


President – Aaron Redalen
Vice President – Rebecca Moore
Treasurer – Ericka Patillo
Secretary – Kim Poe


President – Debbie Balsamo
Vice President – Crystal Holland
Treasurer – Meredith Ault
Secretary – Andy Jackson


President – Megan Dreger
Vice President – Kent Parks
Treasurer – Claire LaForce
Secretary – Sarah Ivey