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Current Officers

Angelique Marrerro (she/her/hers)

Graduate President

MSLS- School Library Media

Being an educator is at the heart of everything I do. I am currently in the MSLS program with a concentration in School Library Media because I love seeing the spark in a child when they discover what they are passionate about. My main research focuses are promoting equity and diversity in education, disrupting classics, bibliotherapy, and evolving spaces in the school library. In my free time I love hiking, reading (duh), and all things art! My goal this year for ILSSA is to bring back a sense of community following the big interruption of COVID. I want the program to feel united, even if we are all at home! My other goal is to push SILS to understand the deeply rooted inequities and microaggressions in our program. While these conversations will not be easy, I believe they are long overdue.

Advaith Deo (he/him/his)

Undergraduate President

BS Information Science

Hi I’m Advaith and I’ll be the undergraduate president for 2021! I’m a junior here at UNC completing a BS in information and computer science. I’m from Charlotte, NC and I’m excited to represent ILSSA this year!

Helen Sharma (she/her/hers)

Vice President

MSLS – School Library Media

I’m a first year MSLS student focusing on youth services and school library media. My interests include youth development, mentorship, queer studies, and sexuality education (I taught sex ed for two years before coming to SILS). In my spare time I read, hike, crochet, and bake more cookies than my roommate and I can eat. This year in my role I would like to build up our professional development programming and support the fall trip to DC.

Malarie Alexis (she/her/hers)


Information Science, B.S.(UX/UI) & Public Policy B.A.(Health Policy)

Hi! I’m Malarie and I am currently a junior double majoring in Information Science and Public Policy. My academic interests include information ethics and utilizing UX/UI to improve medical technology. My non-academic interests include learning languages, and painting. As Treasurer of ILSSA, I look forward to coordinating fundraisers and managing funds for events.

Gwendolyn Yale (she/her/hers)

Secretary and Technical Coordinator

MSLS – School Library Media

I’m pursuing a Masters in Library science to become a school library Media Specialist. My academic interests include bringing technology education into the library space, especially in schools. Another main focus for me is how to bring technology education equitably to every student. Outside of academia, I love the outdoors, reading and playing video games! As Secretary and Technical Coordinator my main goal is to make sure we are informing all students in SILS of every event and important decision happening in our program. Check out our socials!

Allison Ruvidich 

New Student Outreach Coordinator

Masters of Information Science

When not thinking about stuff like information equity, I enjoy hiking, listening to podcasts, and playing piano. I am looking forward to planning our Week of Welcome events for fall 2021!

Karyn Hladik-Brown (she/her/hers) & Madeline Miller (she/her/hers)

Social Co-Chairs

MSLS — Youth services
I am in the MSLS program here at SILS, and my academic interests are in youth services, both in schools and public libraries, and information literacy. In my free time I enjoy reading most things, but especially SFF, a cheesy romance, or a mystery-thriller. As a social co-chair, I hope to find ways to foster a sense of community in the school, no matter our physical proximity.
MSIS, Data
Hi! My name is Madeline and in ILSSA, I work on coordinating social connection within the SILS student community 🙂 At SILS I am studying towards an MSIS, with a focus on practicing data science and public service. Have an idea for a SILS student event? Please say hello!

Past Officers


President – Jade Bruno
Undergraduate President – Carmen Silva
Vice President – Advaith Deo
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Allison Kittinger
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Sarah Wall
Social Chair – Justin Hackeling


President – Meg McMahon
Vice President – Teresa Phan
Treasurer – Emily Clinton
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Claire Cahoon
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Megan Boland
Social Co-Chairs – Kat Zimmerman and Kayla Dowdy


President – Rachel Anne Spencer
Vice President – Rachel Morris
Treasurer – Richa Kanwar
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Cait Kennedy
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Meg Foster
Social Co-Chairs – Amanda Haddock and Will Osborne


President – Amelea Kim
Vice President – Kelsey Hammer
Treasurer – Jessica Kincaid
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Tripp Tuttle
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Alyssa Spoonts
Social Co-Chairs – Brittany Soder and Tabitha Frahm


President – Natalia Lopez
Vice President – Jasmine Plott
Treasurer – Becca Greenstein
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Alena Principato
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Meggie Lasher
Social Co-Chairs – Elizabeth Bates and Elizabeth Grab


President – Amelia Holmes
Vice President – Sarah Thomas
Treasurer – Laura Fogarty
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Colleen Daw
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Rachel Sanders
Social Co-Chairs – Alex Japha and Elizabeth Shulman


President – Sierra K. Johnson
Vice President – Caroline B. Hallam
Treasurer – Kelsey Chandler
Secretary and Technical Coordinator – Katie McNeirney
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Sarah Morris
Social Co-Chairs – Hillary Miller and Cathi Field


President – Robbin Zirkle
Vice President – Hannah Easley
Treasurer – Kristyn Saroff
Secretary  – Curt Alredge
New Student Outreach Coordinator – Erin Holmes
Social Co-Chairs – Sarah Bost and Helen Thomas


President – Chelcie Rowell
Vice President – Kate Barr
Treasurer – Kathleen Sullivan
Secretary  – Laina Stapleton
Webmaster – Kate McNamara
Social Co-Chairs – Alex Carroll and Amanda Hitson


President – Amanda Foster
Vice President – Beth DeBold
Treasurer – Brian Young
Secretary – Sarah Dooley
Technical Coordinator – Chris Weeg
Community Development Co-Chairs – Billy Cook and Page Laubheimer


President – Tyler Dzuba
Vice President – Elyssa Sanner
Treasurer – Winnie Titchener
Secretary – Julie Greenberg
Technical Coordinator – Brenda Cepeda
Community Development Co-Chairs – Tracy Jackson and Evan Watson


President – Julie Forster
Vice President – Emily Fisher
Treasurer – Jenny Stout
Technical Coordinator – Madhura Maranthe
Community Development Co-Chairs – Jennifer Thompson and Erin Griffith


President – Laura Westmoreland
Vice President – Meredith Sutphin
Treasurer – Tina Winston
Galley Coordinator – Jenny McElroy, Sarah Everhart and Allison Peacock
Technical Coordinator – Erin White
Community Development Co-Chairs – Samantha Guss and Erin White


President – Abbey Thompson
Vice President – Libby Gorman
Treasurer – Vedana (Nani) Vaidhyanathan
Galley Coordinator – Betsy Herzog
Technical Coordinator – Jonathan Morris
Community Development Co-Chairs – Jennifer Solomon & David Lawson


President – Megan Perez
Vice President – Cassidy Sugimoto
Treasurer – Betsy Appleton
Technical Coordinator – Brian Landau
Community Development Co-Chairs – Mary-Katherine Barnes & Josiah Drewery


President – Joan Petit
Vice President – Rosalyn Metz
Treasurer – Angela Bardeen
Technical Coordinator – Jon Ashley
Social Co-Chairs – Erin Gumbel & Gene Springs
SILS Senator – Erin Gumbel & Ashley Brown
Professional Development Co-Chairs – Monica McCormick & Jerry Waller


President – Marisa Ramirez
Vice President – Damien Berahzer
Treasurer – Larisa Good
Technical Coordinator – William Hannah


President – Amanda Wilson
Vice President – Marianne Gouge
Treasurer – Jean Ferguson
Technical Coordinator – Paul Chang


President – Julie Harris
Vice President – Ed Beltz
Treasurer – Ingrid Pohl
Secretary – Rachel Ferrell


President – Sambhavi Cheemalapati
Vice President – Kara Hyde
Treasurer – Becky Imamoto
Secretary – Suchi Mohanty


President – Donna Nixon
Vice President 
Secretary – Brian Hilligoss


President – Shayera Tangri
Vice President – Michael Kaufman
Treasurer – Aletha Andrew
Secretary – Emily Brassell


President – Aaron Redalen
Vice President – Rebecca Moore
Treasurer – Ericka Patillo
Secretary – Kim Poe


President – Debbie Balsamo
Vice President – Crystal Holland
Treasurer – Meredith Ault
Secretary – Andy Jackson


President – Megan Dreger
Vice President – Kent Parks
Treasurer – Claire LaForce
Secretary – Sarah Ivey