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Vice President, Art and Museum Library and Information Student Society

About the Candidate and Platform

Hi, I’m Erin – an MSLS student here at SILS! I am pleased to announce my candidacy to be the Vice President of AMLISS. I hail from Toronto, Canada, where I spent nearly a decade working in collections management and registrarial roles in arts institutions. (My responsibilities ranged from the transportation of Monet canvases through construction zones to the curation of an exhibit of chamber pots!) I hold an MA in Art History from Carleton University (Ottawa), a Post-Graduate Certificate in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College (Peterborough), and an Honors BA from the University of Toronto. I am a current member of the Art Libraries Society of North America, the Visual Studies Volunteer at Lilly Library, and the Josiah Charles Trent Intern at the Rubenstein Library, both at Duke University. I am ready and excited to add a leadership role at AMLISS to this list.

My experience in the art world makes me uniquely prepared to lead AMLISS. I comfortably liaise with arts professionals and would be a confident representative for the organization on campus and in the community at large. If elected, I would increase AMLISS engagement with professionals in the field, by way of invited talks and local site visits. Most importantly, I want to bolster a physical and visual presence at Sloane Art Library. We could cultivate a vibrant relationship with library staff by assisting with tasks such as event planning, student outreach, and research services. I want our presence on campus to read like a Frankenthaler abstract: big, bold, and inspired!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding my interest in this position. Thank you for your consideration!

Erin Rutherford