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  1. Special Topics Courses
    1. The Committee discussed reaching out to faculty who have taught 490, 690 and 890 courses between Spring 2014 and Spring 2018 to determine if any of those courses should become regularly offered courses
  2. INLS 781: Proposal Development
    1. The Committee discussed some concerns about inconsistencies with INLS 781: some students request the ability to receive an additional 1.5 credits for continuing to work on their Master’s papers once 781 ends so that they can receive a total of 3 credit hours in the semester that they take 781, rather than having to find a second 1.5 credit course; there is a lack of understanding among some students about the purpose 781 and whether or not it’s beneficial to all students, whether they are IS or LS; there is some concern among some students about the inconsistency of 781, based on who is teaching it.
    2. The Committee discussed inviting faculty members who teach 781 to join the December Master’s Committee meeting, but ultimately decided to instead discuss the post-781 1.5 credit at the next faculty meeting.
  3. Master’s Paper
    1. The Committee discussed what seems to be a lack of consensus among students and faculty as to the purpose and scope of the Master’s paper – whether it is a paper, or a thesis, or a project, or whichever option the student chooses to make it, as long as a faculty member accepts their proposal. The Committee discussed Master’s paper requirements in other graduate programs (such as portfolios), the reasoning behind the SILS Master’s paper (it is a requirement from the Graduate School), and how to better inform students of available resources (the new website should make them easier to find).
    2. Current resources for completing the Master’s paper can be found here:
  4. Dual Degrees
    1. The Committee discussed the dual degree options for both IS and LS and the lack of detailed information currently available to prospective and current students about the degrees, such as required and recommended courses and a course/graduation timeline
    2. Lara has been meeting with the graduate student coordinators from each graduate program from which SILS students can receive a second degree – MAH from the Department of Art, MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School, MPA from the School of Government, MHA from the Gillings School of Public Health, JD from the School of Law, MSN from the School of Nursing, and MA in Public History from NCSU. Lara has drafted IS-track and LS-track course plans for each of these dual degrees, which will be available on the website once they are confirmed by both programs involved.

Also mentioned at the Committee meeting: Spring 2018 admissions are in and the New Student Orientation will be on Tuesday, January 9th. The admissions process for Fall 2018 will begin in December.

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