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At the February 7th meeting of the Diversity Committee, a number of different topics were discussed. An important issue was planning for the implementation of the SILS Diversity Advocate Certificate, whose requirements had been rewritten earlier in the year. Students who wish to earn it submit documentation of their work through a Sakai page; the Diversity Committee will review the submissions before graduation and award the certificate to those who completed the requirements. Also planned were ways to promote the certificate and how to acknowledge those who earn it at graduation.

Another topic of the meeting concerned how to promote equity and inclusion at SILS through the new website. Committee members had previously met with the company in charge of designing it to discuss how best to incorporate these issues. The committee also talked about encouraging SILS to add more perspectives to its faculty through targeted hires.

Members of the SILS community are always welcome to bring their thoughts and concerns about diversity in the program to the attention of the Diversity Committee.

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