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We’ve already started teaching our Community Workshop Series (CWS) classes for the fall, and we’d love to get more people involved. Visit our website to get more information!

You can view our schedule of classes for the fall, including dates, times, and locations here.

If you’re interested in having more information emailed to you in the future, you can fill out the form here. You only need to include your name and email address but additional information will help us build a program that fits the needs of our volunteers.

We’ll be having an interest/informational meeting soon. The date and location will be sent out once we have it solidified. We’ll also have two different training opportunities to develop pedagogical skills: one three hour session or a series of three hour sessions. We’ll focus on adult learning theory, inquiry-based learning, digital literacy education, and working with multilingual students. The training will primarily be conducted by employing the pedagogy to teach the pedagogy (i.e. using adult learning theory to teach adult learning theory) through activities, discussion, and practice.

If you have previous experience teaching, and would like to get started right away teaching classes, feel free to email me at, and I can set you up with a class that works for you.

The sign up to teach classes will be available after the information session, so keep an eye out.

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