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Treasurer, Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists

About the Candidate and Platform

Hello! I am Lauren Geiger and I am a first year MSLS graduate student with an emphasis in Archive and Records Management. I graduate last May with a BA in History and double minor in English and Spanish. During my undergraduate career, I was involved with a few small and large campus organizations, and I was treasurer for two of them, Circle K and Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI). The accounts I oversaw held a few thousand dollars and one held a debit card. I planned several successful and not-so-successful fundraising events, so I good understanding of what college students will and will not spend their money on. I was able ensure that the Circle K account broke even each year and the SAI account had a net gain of roughly $200 after a few years of barely breaking even.

If elected, I will ensure that the SCOSAA’s bank account will at least break even, but I intend it to have a positive gain. To achieve this goal, then SCOSAA should have or be involved in two fundraising events a semester. The fundraisers will increase our budget, which will allow us to have more events, and the fundraisers themselves should allow members to form closer relationships and allow others within and outside of SILS to see our organization.