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President, Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists

About the Candidate and Platform

I am a first year MSLS student with a concentration in Archive and Records Management. As an undergraduate I majored in English with a minor in Medieval Studies at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem NC, and I have prior graduate level experience studying Medieval English Literature in an MA program at University College Dublin in Ireland. I am interested in archives and special collections, particularly rare manuscripts.

During my time as an undergrad I served multiple terms as an officer in a major campus organization with a large budget. A significant component of my role involved planning and coordinating events, and training/leading small and medium teams of students. I regularly attended conferences as a part of this position, and coordinated meetings for the organization at large. Another significant part of this role was liaising with state, regional, and national organizations that our chapter was affiliated with. Because of these experiences, I am well-prepared to lead this student organization and meet the challenges it will bring.

My vision for the upcoming year for SCOSAA involves both traditional organizational activities, and great potential for innovation. In particular, I am interested in coordinating networking activities, guest presentations, and archives visits to provide professional development opportunities and insight into the realities of the profession.