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President (Facilitator), Checked Out

About the Candidate and Platform

Hey everyone! I’m Cait, a first-year MSLS student from Knoxville, Tennessee. I am interested in running for president of Checked Out because I’m committed to making SILS a more welcoming and inclusive place for its students. In my past positions in the nonprofit sector, I’ve worked to promote equity and inclusion in the workplace for people with disabilities. This included working with local employers throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama — as well as advocating for disability rights by working with legislators in those states. It was challenging to promote liberal policies in deeply conservative areas, and I think my experience persevering in the face of bureaucracy, and even hostility, would be an asset in this position.

In this role, I’m interested in developing partnerships with nonprofits in the Triangle that are working to promote literacy, racial equity, and other social justice initiatives. I’m also interested in putting on events that would be helpful to SILS students of color, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities, like an information session about diversity residency programs at academic libraries; a panel discussion about political organizing in library settings; and social events. Most importantly, I would be open to ideas from current and future SILS students about what programming and events would be most useful and welcoming.

Thank you for your consideration!