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The SILS All-Staff meeting discussed the following topics:

  1. What Should We Be Worried About?: Information and Media in the Trump Era – This joint conference hosted by the School of Journalism and SILS will be open and free to the public. Cal Lee and Zeynep Tufecki have been involved in the planning. If possible, you should attend!
  2. Aaron Brubaker gave a quick update on the Office 365 migration. Multiple departments will be migrating in the next few months with the end goal of finishing all campus migrations by June or July.
  3. CRADLE Talk: Josh Rice, a BSIS and MSIS alum will be giving a talk on March 24th. Irene Owens, a PhD alum, will be giving a talk on April 7th
  4. Symposium for Social Good (4/21): Four professors and their classes will be organizing this symposium where students will be presenting and sharing their work from the semester. Bios are forthcoming, and attendance is encouraged.
  5. SILS Project Fair (4/21): This is a great chance for students to showcase their work from the semester. Cash prizes are awarded, so encourage students to participate!
  6. Fall Class Schedule: Classes/professors are still being confirmed so it is still in draft mode. It has been suggested to provide evening classes to accommodate those students who work during the day, but that might require a separate evening-degree class program as occasional evening classes will not be enough to get a degree.

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