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The SILS faculty meeting provided updates on a variety of topics. Most notably, SILS is currently interviewing candidates for two faculty positions available and has scheduled visits for them to interview throughout the month of March. Each candidate visit will consist of a public presentation and a student meet-and-greet that SILS students are encouraged to come to, so be on the lookout for information about specific candidate visits.

Other topics discussed:

  1. CWS (Community Workshop Series): Meggie Lasher (MSLS ’17) provided an update on the impact that CWS has on the wider community and gave recommendations and ideas on how the program can continue to grow in the future.
  2. SILS Website Update: Recently, SILS has added new alumni profiles for 25 people, from all different programs. Check them out here and see what cool things people have done since they graduated!
  3. Course Name Change: SILS faculty voted to change the course name for INLS 745. Formerly known as “Curriculum Issues and the School Librarian”, the faculty voted in favor to change the course name to “Instruction for Youth in School in Public Libraries” to better reflect the new scope of the class. This class will be available in Fall 2017 for those interested in taking it.
  4. ILSSA Survey Update: Tripp Tuttle, ILSSA’s Secretary and Webmaster, gave a short presentation about general trends and observations from the Student Survey that ILSSA administered in February. Tripp focused particularly on scheduling availability and provided analyzed data to faculty so that they might be able to better schedule events and lectures when more people are free.

All-staff meetings for SILS are held every three weeks on Wednesdays in Manning 01. If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this summary, or about all-staff meetings in general, please contact Amelea Kim at

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